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Years 6/ Blwyddyn 6

Blwyddyn 6 

Miss James and Miss Vaughan

We provide a healthy fruit snack every breaktime, which costs 30p per day (£1.50 per week).

Tymor Y Gwanwyn 

This term our topic is 'Our Heritage'. As part of our Pupil Voice the children have decided they would like to learn about the following topics: 

  • Where did Welsh traditions like Mari Lwyd, St Davids Day and Santes Dwynwen come from? 
  • What was Wales like in the past? 
  • How has Wales changed over the years? 
  • What was it like down the Coal mines? 
  • Why did the children have to work down the mines? 
  • What were the dangers down the mines? 
  • What was life like during the Victorian period? 

Tymor y Hydref - Autumn Term 

This term our topic is 'To Infinity and Beyond'. As part of our pupil voice session the class have decided that they would like to learn about: 

  • the solar system 
  • the moon landing 
  • key events in 'the space race' history
  • the stars and constellations 
  • astrology signs 
  • NASA (the work they do) 
  • what is life as an astronaut like?