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Years 1/ Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to Year 1


Your Class teachers this year are Miss Ridout and is Miss Smith.  



Every morning the Children can buy fruit for £1.50 a week. They will also receive a carton of milk.  


P.E Ymarfer Corff

Your Child's P.E day is on a Thursday.  Please send a bag containing your Child's P.E kit (shorts, T-Shirt, trainers, jogging bottoms) which is clearly labelled with their name.

Spring Term 

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

This term your children will be learning all about different types of transport.  In Pupil Voice they decided that they wanted to look at cars, trains, aeroplanes , bikes and buses!  

We had a go at doing our very own car MOT!  Mrs Champion was the mechanic and showed us around her car!  We looked under the bonnet and checked the oil and water! We made sure the windscreen was clean by checking the wipers worked correctly and that the indicator lights were coming on!  We had lots of fun and learnt lots about cars!

Car Investigation

We had to be little scientists and find out if the height of the ramp made the car travel further!  It took a lot of thinking but we worked out how to make out test fair!  We decided to keep the car the same and to measure using the same item! Some of us even measured using a ruler!  We also had to predict what we thought would happen. We found out that the car went further the higher the ramp was!






Autumn Term Context - Out and About

The children have used their pupil voice to make choices about what they would like to learn within our topic.

We will be learning about:

Our school environment 

Our local area

Different kinds of houses and homes 

Staying safe out and about 

Road Safety 

Visit the local shop 


We have been having fun with Charlotte during our Upbeat Creative Movement sessions.  We had to make lots of different shapes and travel in different ways!

We were learning all about the Colour Monster.  He went missing and we had to be little detectives and hunt for him in our school.  We had to make a map to help us - it was a challenge but we could follow our map and we found him safe and sound!  Phew!


In Year 1 we have been practising our number bonds.  The Postman had lots of red and green letters for us to post. We had to use our bonds to help us work out how many red letters he delivered and how many green letters he delivered!  We are really clever in Year 1!


We have been looking after the 'Everywhere Bear'.  She likes to go on lots of adventures.  It is our job to keep her safe so we have been teaching her all about how to stay safe on the road when she is out and about!