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Years 4/ Blwyddyn 4

Coronavirus Home Learning

Blwyddyn 4 - Year 4

Whilst school is closed, you can continue your learning by completing your home learning pack and/or by using the websites and activities below.



Gwaith Cartref - Home Learning



There are lots of useful websites that we use in school that can also be used at home to further learning! Below is a list of useful (tablet friendly) websites that have reading activities, spelling and punctuation games and plenty of grammar tasks for Literacy. 


Useful Literacy websites


Your child is also able to access Hwb and Giglets at home with their logins.


Using Giglets at home:

Watch this video, created by Mr Beynon, to help you use Giglets reading software at home



In class we are always using fun, interactive numeracy games to boost your child's learning. Below is a list of useful (tablet friendly) websites that have times table games, measure, shape, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division games. 


Useful Numeracy websites


Your child is also able to access Hwb and BigMaths at home with their logins. 


For the next three weeks in class, we will be learning about Climate Change. Learning about Greta Thunberg, climate change, deforestation, endangered animals and most importantly what we can do to help. Below are a list of tasks your child can complete at home that is linked to what we had been learning about in class!


  1. In class we have been reading 'Greta and the Giants', if you would like to hear the story again click this link 
    1. Write a book review of 'Greta and the Giants', you could use this template. 
    2. Turn the book into a comic strip - remember comics have lots of pictures with very little writing!
    3. Imagine the book is being turned into a film, design a 'coming soon' poster advertising the film. 
  2. Do some research! Use the internet, read books and newspapers to learn a bit more about climate change. Once you have researched you can create a poster, leaflet, presentation or video explaining what you have learnt and hopefully you can teach others!
  3. There are lots of lovely activities, articles, stories and information on the WWF website, take a look at what you  can do to combat climate change!


Useful Context websites 

Below are some useful websites to help children complete the home learning tasks, alongside some Science themed games and clips. There are also some links to craft ideas, mindfulness tasks and some home exercise videos. 

Top tips and resources for keeping your mind and body healthy and active!

Croeso i dudalen Blwyddyn 4

The Year 4 teachers are Miss James, Miss Mackintosh and Miss Jewell 


       This term our topic is 'Rotten Romans'.


We have thought a lot about what we would like to learn this term as part of our 'Rotten Romans' topic. Here are some of the things we will be learning about this term:


Who were the Romans? What did the soldiers wear? Make a Roman shield
Where did the Romans come from? Who was here before the Romans? Research Roman inventions
What did the Romans eat? Create Roman Mosaic patterns Learn about the Celts



Tymor y Gwanwyn - Spring Term 


So far this term we have done some fantastic learning! Take a look at some of our work and pictures of us learning all about the 'Rotten Romans'. 

International Week

We learnt a lot about Wales and Turkey and had a look at what we have in common and what is different about our countries. 

Autumn Term Pictures

Take a look at all of the wonderful work we have done in our first term in Year 4!

St Madoc Residential 

Fantastic memories made and friendships developed in St Madoc with Greenway Primary.