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Spring Term

                       Animal Magic! 


Our context this term is called Animal Magic! We will be looking at dinosaurs and finding out what they were called, what they looked like and how they lived! 


We have had fun making our very own class dinossaurs!  Can you guess which dinosaurs we made?



We rolled, squeezed and stretched play dough to make dinosaurs. We had to look very carefully at dinosaurs to see if we needed a long neck, spikes or horns. Look at our creations! 
We have been having fun making lots of repeating patterns. Have a look at the two colour and three colour patterns we have made with skittles and different coloured fruits!  
We have been practising our counting skills. We used tweezers to put the right number of objects in our number cups! Have a look how great we are at counting. It was lots of fun!
We have also had lots of outdoor fun! We have been practising our balancing and travelling skills, using bean bags and hoops. It was very tricky at first but we didn't give up!
Rolling the dice to find out what shape we had to create, we discovered how to make shapes using play dough. Using our fine motor skills we coloured and made shapes using thread. 
We got creative and made our own dinosaur land. We were able to navigate our dinosaurs around the dinosaur land giving each other directions. Doesn't it look great!