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Reception/ Derbynfa

Welcome to Reception's Class page!

Croeso i Dosbath Derbyn 


Your class teachers this year are Miss Ridout and Miss Roberts 



Every morning the children can bring in a healthy snack. This can be either fruit or vegetables that they can enjoy at breaktime. 


P.E. Ymarfer Carff 


Please send a bag with name clearly labelled.  This can include, shorts/joggers.T-shirt and trainers.  Kit can be left in school and taken home half termly to be washed. 



Welcome to the Autumn Term! 


This term we will be exploring the topic 'My World'  The pupils have used their Pupil Voice to make decisions about what they would like to learn.  They decided they would like to find out about their bodies and the people in their world.  


Here are some of the books we will be looking at to support our learning!  

We have been looking at how to stay healthy. We have been learning how to wash our hands properly. We made creative hankies that remind us to 'Catch it, bin it, kill it.'

The whole school took part in 'Be Your Best Day.' The aim of the day was to celebrate the 'Four Purposes' of our curriculum through taking part in activities related to our 4 emojis - Healthy Harry, Ethical Emma, Ambitious Ahmed and Creative Catrin.

We went on an Autumn walk at Greenway Primary School to find and collect lots of Autumn treasures that had fallen from the trees. We found lots of crunchy leaves, twigs and berries. We brought them back to school for our Autumn table.

We read the book called 'Peace At Last.' We were looking at noisy and quiet sounds in our environment. During our Pupil Voice discussion George decided he would like to make musical instruments. We really thought that would keep Mr Bear awake at night!

We have been really busy learning our sounds this term in Reception. We are getting really good! 

Spring Term


Our theme this term is called 'Animal Magic.' We will be looking at Dinosaurs and learning lots of new interesting facts about them. During pupil voice the children had lots of ideas about what they would like to learn. Some of their ideas included, finding out dinosaur names, make fossils, find out what dinosaurs eat and be Palaeontologists. 


Here are some of the books we will be reading.




We started our topic with a trip to Cardiff Museum, we had fun at a workshop where we got to hold some dinosaur fossils and bones. We heard a story called 'Alby the Dinosaur' where we learned what sounds dinosaurs would have made. We had a great time looking at the dinosaur skeletons too, the were so big!

Harry's Dinosaurs went missing! In the outdoor learning area, we went on a dinosaur hunt to help Harry find them all! We found the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Triceratops and Pterodactyl! 

We found out that some dinosaurs ate meat and some ate plants. They are called carnivores and herbivores. We went outside to sort the dinosaurs. Carnivores have sharp teeth to eat meat and herbivores have flat teeth to help them chew plants.