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Home Learning

Some fun activities that you can do at home can include some of those on our homework grid! These can be returned to school after half term (2nd November). There are lots of Dojo points to be won for every piece brought back!


Draw a picture of your house, discuss what type of house it is and label it.

Go into your kitchen, can you find 5 different foods and count how many you have?

E.g. Bread – 6 slices

Can you write the shopping list for your household?

After you have drawn your house, can you make a junk model house? For example, out of cereal boxes, toilet rolls etc.

How many different materials can you find in your house? Can you find out if they float or sink and research why?

On YouTube, search for Joe Wicks P.E or Cosmic Yoga to keep fit and healthy!

How fast is your heart beating? How long does it take to slow down?


Here are some links to websites your child can access to play some learning games: