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Years 5/ Blwyddyn 5

Croeso i Flwyddyn 5!

Welcome to Year 5!


PE Days: Our PE day is on a Wednesday. Please wear PE kit and/or comfortable trainers.

After school club: The class have decided that this term they want to do a Sports club. This will take place on a Thursday from 3:00-3:45.

Summer Term 2022- May the Force Be With You

This term out topic is called 'May the Force Be With You'. During this context the class have decided that they want to learn about different scientific forces, the force of our mind, climate change and general weather, the force of advertising and carry out lots of scientific investigations and enquiries based on different forces.

Float or Sink Investigation- Which classroom objects float and sink?

We played Squash thanks to Squash Wales. We absolutely loved it!

Spring 2022

"Our Heritage"

This term we are looking at Our Heritage with a specific focus on the Victorian Era. Pupil voice, as always, has lead the learning and the children in Year 5 asked if we could learn what life was like for children during the Victorian times. We started off by looking at the similarities and differences between school now and school back then. We did this by having our very own Victorian School morning. We transformed into Victorian children for the morning and had lessons like no other. Take a look at the pictures below to see what it was like!

Outdoor Learning

In Year 5 we love taking our lessons outside and doing outdoor learning. Have a look at some of the pictures of us doing our learning outside!


We love experiencing news things and we were lucky enough to have Cardiff Sport come and teach us the Paralympic sport 'Boccia'. It is a great game that is a cross between bowls and curling and we absolutely love it! Here are some pictures of us experiencing Boccia for the first time.

Autumn 2021

This term we are learning all about Earth and Space in our new context of 
'To Infinity and Beyond!'


All the children are very excited to be learning about Space. We will be looking at the Solar System and the Sun, The Moon and the Stars, a history of space travel and much, much more! Keep an eye on this web page for pictures of some of the work we have been doing and all the exciting things we do in Year 5. 


Black History Month- Hidden Figures

To help become ethical and informed citizens of the world we celebrated Black History Month in October and recognised the amazing contribution of Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan. These 3 amazing African-American ladies were mathematcians (known as Human Computers).  They worked for NASA in the 1960s. which was a time where America had different rules for people with different skin colours. Their contribution helped John Glenn become the first American man to orbit the Earth in 1962 and their work helped Neil Armstrong become the first man on the moon. 

Our work included fact finding about the ladies, interviewing them and creating a biography on them. We even used Adobe spark to create a Biographical film about them. To help us learn more about them we watched the 2016 film 'Hidden Figures'.

The work we produced was so good we created an extra display to show what we had done!

Cycling Club

At Trowbridge we are very lucky to have 10 brand new bikes to use and when finding this out the children wanted to start a cycling club. Every week we learn new skills on bikes, develop useful safety tips and keep fit and healthy at the same time! Some children use the school bikes but children are also encouraged to bring their own bikes by cycling to school.


Here are some pictures from cycling club so far:

Here we are setting up the new bikes in Cycling Club!


In PE we have been healthy and confident individuals by improving our ball skills. Every week we are getting better and better!

Investigation Station

We love doing our missions every afternoon. One of our favourite activities was on the investigation where we used flour and marbles to create craters- just like they are on the moon! The marbles represent asteroids and space debris and the flour is a dusty surface like the moon. We dropped the marbles from different heights to see what difference it made to size of the craters.

Oreo Phases

We wanted to find out why the moon makes such different shapes. We discovered that the moon has different phases. To show what the phases looked like we used Oreos to recreate them. We had a great time and a few of us also ate the leftover Oreos. Who knew learning about the moon could be so tasty!