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School Council 2021-22


It is a very exciting time to be part of Trowbridge School Council as we are working towards achieving the Rights Respecting Schools Award. There are 42 rights that every child under 18 must have. School Council are our 'Rights Steering Group' and are already doing a brilliant job of to implementing these Rights throughout the school.

Keep up to date with our progress on our website and Twitter page!


Our School Council Representatives this year are:

  • Year 2 - SJ and Lyra
  • Year 3 - Alexah and Mohammed
  • Year 4 - Tristan and Layla
  • Year 5 - Ella and Kai
  • Year 6 - Kai, Jack and Lacey


We voted as a school council to determine our roles for this year:

  • Chairperson - Kai (Y6)
  • Vice Chairperson - SJ
  • Secretary - Jack 




Rights of the Month

Each month we will have a new Right to focus on throughout the school. School Council will announce this Right on our Twitter and website.


October's Right of the Month:

Article 2 - All children have these rights.


Each class developed their own Class Charter which are the promises they will make to ensure school is a happy and healthy place to be! 


November's Right of the Month:

Article 12 - I have the right to be listened to and taken seriously.


We held a Rights Week as a Federation this month. All classes have taken part in activities to show how children are listened to and taken seriously. Photos to follow! 


December's Right of the Month:

Article 14 - I have the right to have my own thoughts and beliefs and to choose my religion with my parents' guidance.