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Reception 2019 - 2020

Social Distancing Information

Story time with Miss Ridout

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Story Time with Miss Ridout

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Shark In The Park

Coronavirus Home Learning

Dosbarth Derbyn - Reception

Whilst school is closed, your child can continue their learning by completing their home learning pack and/or by using the websites and activities below.



Keep Going with the Home Learning! 

Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Literacy Activities


Phonics s,a,t,p,

Can you hear these sounds?

Phonics i,m,n,d

Try listening for these sounds!

Gus the Duck

Have a go at reading this book!

Phase 3 'ai' sound Games

Can you match the word to the picture?

Phase 3 'ng' sound Games 

Can you find all the 'ng' words?


Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Mathematics



Have a go at paying for the items in the shop! 

Ordering and sequencing 

Can you order the numbers? 

Mental Maths! 

Try and be as fast as you can!

Underwater Counting

How many can you count?

Hit the Button Game

Practise your maths skills with this game! 


Have some more fun with these!


NFU Science Farm

Find out all about the farm!

Go Noodle

Move to Can't Stop the Feeling!

Joe Wicks

Kids Beginners workout 

Pwy Wyt Ti? Song

Try and join in the song!






Home Learning - You Are Doing Great!


Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Literacy Activities

Phonics Frog

Can you help the frog make it home? Avoid the traffic and cross the rivers by jumping on the logs that have real words. Good luck!

Flash Cards

Say the sound that appears on each of the pirate ships. How many sounds can you say correctly? 

Starfall Game 

Make words with the ot sound 

Phonic Game

Make words with the ch sound

Nursery Rhymes 

Can you join in the nursery rhyme?

Phase 3 Letters and sounds

Practise your sounds!


Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Mathematics


Help the Camel to weigh his food!


Can you sort the coins?

Data Handling 

Find out which hats George has!

Bitesize Shape

What are 2D Shapes?

Blast Off!

Practise Learning your two digit numbers!


Have some more fun with these!

The Weather

Find out about the different types of weather!

Mr Hapus 

Join in with Mr Hapus!

Kindness Rock Painting 

Have a go at making your own kindness rock!

Family GoNoodle

Keep active at home!

SchoolBeat Educational Resource 

These activities are based on lessons for the children delivered by school community Police officers in schools and are designed to reinforce SchoolBeats most important key safegaurding internet safety messages. 



Home Learning - Hope you have fun - Keep going!


Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Literacy Activities

 Read Peg the Hen

Fishy Phonics Game

Listen to the story of The Very Bad Tempered Ladybird 

Match the words with the monkeys! 

Listen to the story all about dinosaurs 

Listen and match the words 


Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Mathematics

Sorting shapes 

Make a simple pattern 

Lets Compare Game 

Addition to 10 machine 

Maths Reasoning 

Count to 100


Have some more fun with these! 


Sing a song in Welsh all about the weather

Joe Wicks 

Go Noodle 

Jump Start Johnny  







Home Learning - Hope You Have Fun!

Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Literacy Practise forming your letters Go and click on the Year 1 tab - you will find that lots of the words we already do in reception! In Year 1 you will find lots of High Frequency words that you can practise Enjoy The Very Hungry Caterpillar Please click on the Phonics Live Daily Lesson


Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Mathematics Keep Counting!  Enjoy some Reasoning Activities Practise your Estimating Learn your days of the week Have a go at a pictogram 


Have some more fun with these! Have a go at sorting different colours Enjoy some meditation Go Noodle Practise your Welsh songs This is one you should know - can you teach your grown up!


Well done to Dosbath Derbyn - Keep up the good work!


Home Learning Tasks - Keep Going You're Doing Well! 


 Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Literacy



Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Mathematics


Activities and Resources to Support the Learning of Welsh


Have more fun with these resources!


Hope You Have Fun!

Well done to all of those children in Dosbarth Derbyn who have been working hard on their home learning packs!  You are amazing!


Da iawn Lyra you are our home learner superstar!







Home Learning Tasks 

In class recently we have been looking at money, ordering numbers to 20, naming 2d shapes and taking away. Here are some useful links for you and your children to look at, at home.


Maths Counting to 100 adding and subtracting


Literacy CVC words


Giglets (Reading)


Active Learn Maths Games


Education games/learning


Education learning tools


Cosmic Yoga



Spring Song on youtube - children could write and draw signs of Spring and the changes that it brings

Design and make an Easter garden




Welcome to Reception

Dosbarth Derbyn

Class Teacher: Miss Ridout

Teaching Assistants: Miss Roberts & Miss Gover


Spring Term 

Once Upon a Time 



This term we will be exploring different Fairy Tales and looking at what life was like in the past


We have been learning all about Cinderella.  In Pupil Voice Lyra decided that we should have a ball of our own! Leiba thought it would be a good idea if we made cakes and sandwiches to eat.




We learnt how to dance like Princes and Princesses.  We learnt how to bow and courtesy.....we looked very elegant and had so much fun! 








We found out all about The Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf needed our help. He left us a letter because he wanted to make friends with the Three Little Pigs, and say sorry for blowing their houses down. Louie and Kanyisi wanted to make the pigs houses. We had lots of fun!







We also went out and about looking at the houses in our area, we found lots of semi - detached houses and flats in Trowbridge. 






Another book we read was The Little Red Hen, we learnt how bread was made and Leiba thought it would be a good idea to make some fruit bread. We all thought it was delicious!








Autumn Term


Our context this term is 'Twinkle, Twinkle Celebrations!'  We will be reading and exploring lots of different books all about space and aliens and all the winter celebrations to come! We love Pupil Voice in Reception! We will be asking the children what they would like to learn and they will be able to choose some of the activities that they do! 






We have been very busy finding our way around the school.  They really enjoyed exploring their surroundings and sitting in Mr Naish's chair! 








We turned our role play into the story of 'Whatever Next!' We love going in it and acting out the story.  It is so cool - we have a colander, wellies and a box just like in the story!





Bears Rocket got all soggy in the rain.  We had to work together as a team to help make Bear a brand new rocket.  It wasn't an easy job. We had think about how many poles we needed and which shape would be best to make the rocket. 






We have been learning all about Autumn.  We have been finding leaves, conkers and pine cones - do you know they fall off the tress at this time of the year?!  Hedgehogs love the Autumn. In Pupil Voice Macaulay decided that he wanted to Make a hedgehog  - he thought sticks would be great for the spikes! 





In Reception we have been very busy exploring Pumpkins!  It was a very messy job! We didn't know there would be seeds inside! 






We went on an Autumn walk looking for Mr Squirrel - he left us lots of clues!  We found lots of leaves.  They were very crunchy because they had fallen off the trees. We also found lots of pine cones and some conkers along the way.