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Enterprise Club


Trowbridge Enterprise Owls


Who is Enterprise Club for?

Enterprise club is for everyone. We have an KS1 club and a KS2 club. Both clubs will run on a first come basis but everyone will get a chance to be involved each term.


When does Enterprise club take place?

We hold enterprise meetings once a month to come up with new ideas for different craft clubs and fundraisers. We open our enterprise shop every Monday lunchtime and craft sessions when there are special events.


What do we do in Enterprise Club?

Enterprise club is like running our own little business, which is is a great way to develop enterprise skills, literacy and numeracy, in a lively and enjoyable way. At the beginning of each term we have a meeting and look at what's coming up and plan what we would like to make and sell and how much money we have to make it happen.



Our new home


With all the money raised from all our craft days and our stationary shop we were able to buy this amazing cabin. This cabin will be used to continue our lovely craft activities and for the children to run the stationary shop from.

Thank you to you all for your continued support.

Diolch yn fawr.

Mothers day craft


In March we held a mothers day craft sessions where the children made a 'breakfast in a bag'

Stationary shop


Our stationary shop is open every Monday lunchtime , prices ranging from 10p to £2.00.

There are lots of different items to buy : pencils,rubbers,balls,mini games, colouring sets and lots more.

Enterprise competition 2017



Team spirit award

Summer fair

'Egg head' competition 2017


Enterprise club held a design a egg head competition to see what designs we could come up with to decorate eggs.

The children came up with some 'eggsellent' ideas for the eggs.


I-Cans challenge

In December one child from each class was chosen to take part in the I-Cans challenge at Lysfaen Primary School. We had two weeks to turn £10 into as much money as possible. The first week the children planned a chocolate apple sale which was so popular we kept running out. the second week we had a Cake & Shake sale which was also really popular.

At the end of the two weeks we had made £187 after expenses. Chloe, Sienna & Rio went back to Lysfaen and had just two minutes to tell the judges what we'd done with our £10. Unfortunately we didn't win but we all had a great time and got lots of ideas for future projects, more impotantly we donated £100 to Velindre Cancer Centre. 


Thanks for all your support over those two weeks frown