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Years 2/ Blwyddyn 2

Croeso i’r Blwyddyn 2!

Welcome to Year 2!

Miss Hardwick, Miss Davies and Mr Trend (PPA)



P.E Day - Tuesday. Children can bring kit if they like (shorts/trousers, t-shirt and trainers/daps) - if not, uniform is fine!


Spellings - These will be sent home on a Friday using our High Frequency Words and phonics sound of the week. These can be used at home to support spelling ready for our quiz on a Wednesday/Friday!


Reading books - These will also be sent home on a Friday for your child to read. Please return to school weekly for us to give them a new book for Friday!


Our Summer term topic is:

All Our Yesterdays!

We are very excited for our final topic of Year 2 and have so many plans! Our pupil voice session gave us lots of ideas and we cannot wait to get stuck in!

Some of our ideas: 

  • Why did people go to the dungeons?

  • What did kings and queens wear?

  • What does a dungeon look like? 
  • How do the crown jewels stay safe? 
  • Why do kings and queens need a crown?
  • What did castles look like in the olden days?
  • Why do the kings and queens need guards?
  • Who lived in Cardiff castle?
  • Why do kings and queens have a throne?
  • What rooms are in a castle?

  • Can we make a castle? 

  • Can we make crowns? 

  • Can we make a catapult? 

  • What are crowns made out of?

  • What is a catapult? 

  • Can we design our own throne? 

  • Can we go to a castle?


We cannot wait to get as many of these ideas done as we can!

Our Spring term topic is:

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

We had a great pupil voice session about this topic, we have had so many ideas and cannot wait to get through as many of them as we can this term! 

Some of our amazing ideas: 


  • How fast can a train/plane/car go?
  • When was the first plane/train made?
  • Who made the first plane?
  • Why does a rocket have fire to fly?
  • How does an electric car/bus work?
  • What cars do our teachers have?
  • Can we go inside a car/bus?
  • Can we make our own cars?
  • Can we make a boat and see if it floats?
  • What different type of trains are there?
  • How tall is a bus?
  • Can we make a rocket?



What a busy Spring term we are going to have in Blwyddyn Dau! 

Our Autumn term topic is:

Out and About!

During our pupil voice session on this topic, the children came up with amazing ideas of what they would like to learn about... so we are going to make sure we get them all done!

These ideas include:


  • How tall are trees? 
  • How do bees make their hives? 
  • Can we taste fruit and vegetables? 
  • How do seeds grow? 
  • Can we grow some flowers? 
  • How does an apple grow? 
  • Can we make a map? 
  • How do bees make honey? 
  • What happens to the leaves? 
  • Can we plant some seeds? 
  • What foods do bees eat? 
  • Can we draw a map of Trowbridge?
  • Can we make a map of our school? 
  • Can we go to the park? 



As you can see, we are going to be very busy!