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Years 1/ Blwyddyn 1

Croeso i Blwyddyn 1! 

Your teachers are: Miss Hardwick, Mrs Gaudion and Miss Jewell (PPA)

Our Summer Term topic this year is...

'Splish, Splash, Splosh!'


We are so excited to start our learning for this topic, as we will be learning all about under the sea!

It is an exciting time in Wales as children have the power to shape the learning that we do! We encourage pupil voice in our classroom, and have had many conversations about what we would like to learn this term. 


The ideas suggested so far have been:

  • What different types of water are there?
  • What is the deepest ocean?
  • How does the water make waves?
  • How can we keep the ocean clean?
  • Can fish live on land like us?
  • What do different sea creatures eat?
  • Where do seahorses live?
  • How does the tide go in and out?


In our second half term we have decided to find out lots about Pirates! We are looking forward to our Pupil Voice session about this also. 

Home Learning 

HWB - 

Please log into HWB and click onto 'Google for Education' to access your child's Google Classroom. Here you will find lots of fun activities for your child to do at home, including literacy, maths, welsh, and topic work.

All of the passwords you need are on your child's 'Password Passport'. If you need a reminder of any of these passwords, please ask Miss Hardwick and she can tell you.

Below are some helpful documents to support online learning as well as links to the online learning platforms we use. 

Our Spring Term topic this year is...

'Our changing World'


This history based topic is a very exciting one as we are going to learn all about the past!

We will be using pupil voice to shape our learning, so any ideas you have about this topic please let Miss Hardwick know!

The ideas suggested so far have been:

  • What are different houses called? Why do some not have stairs?
  • Are our kitchens and bedrooms the same as our grandparents' when they were young?
  • What types of toys did children used to play with?
  • Were schools any different?
  • Why does the weather change? What are seasons?
  • Can we learn to play an instrument?


Your teachers are so excited to learn about all of these ideas with you!

Pictures will be added soon of our learning. Meanwhile scroll down and have a look at all of the fun activities we did in the Autumn term!

Spring Curriculum Map

Our first topic this year is...

Amazing Me!


We are looking forward to our learning journey on this topic, we will be putting lots of pictures on this page so keep an eye out! 


We have had some very interesting conversations in Year 1 about what we would like to learn. We have used pupil voice to shape our learning, and some activities that we have decided to focus on this term are:

  • Emotions and feelings
  • Our families
  • Our bodies
  • Types of materials
  • Our houses and how to find them on a map
  • Following a map to find some buried treasure!

Curriculum Map for Year 1 and 2