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Years 1/ Blwyddyn 1

Coronavirus Home Learning

Blwyddyn 1 - Year 1

Whilst school is closed, your child can continue to learn by completing their home learning pack and/or by using the websites and activities below.







Phonics/Literacy at home ideas


Maths at home ideas

Our new topic for the Summer term is 'All our yesterdays!'


This topic will be all about history and how things have changed over time. 

To start our topic have a look at these videos: 

Once you have watched these videos, you can:

  • Make a list of things that have changed over time
  • Talk to your parents/grandparents about what school was like when they were younger. Has it changed?

I am looking forward to hearing all about what you have found out!


Fun Activities:

Fun ideas and activites for you do to at home!

Welsh Language Support

A simple story to explain Covid-19

Croeso i Blwyddyn 1! 

Your teachers are: Miss Hardwick, Miss Gaudion and Miss Armstrong (PPA)

Our topic this Spring term is 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'

It is a very exciting time at Trowbridge Primary School as we are developing the New Curriculum in Wales! This means children will have more say in what they want to learn, and their ideas will contribute to the work we do.


These are some of the ideas the children have come up with: 


'What were planes like in the olden days?' 'How do astronauts walk on the moon?'
'I would like to make a rocket' 'Can we walk to Spain?'
'How do boats float and sink?' 'Who made the first plane?'
'How fast can cars, planes and buses go?' 'Can we fix a car like a mechanic?'


Literacy, Language and Communication (including Welsh)

We will be looking at different writing genres such as letters, reviews, postcards and recipes.

• Welsh - using simple phrases in our talk and writing to communicate in Welsh. 


We especially loved writing our recipe for pancakes and then making them, they were delicious!



Mathematics and Numeracy

This term in mathematics and numeracy we will be focussing on: 

• Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

• Solving addition and subtraction sums within 10, 20 and 100

• Using money to pay for items

• Doubling and Halving

•Telling the time

• Position and direction


Humanities (History, Geography and R.E)

• Learning about how planes were made

• Looking at different types of cars/trains/planes 

• Compass points - looking on the map to see what is North, South, East and West of Trowbridge

• Looking at the Easter story 

Expressive Arts (Music, Art, DT and Creative Movement)

• We are currently learning how to play the recorder with UPBEAT

• Researching and creating DaDa Art

• Observational drawings 

Science and Technology (Science and ICT)

• Looking at fair and unfair tests 

• What is gravity?

• Forces - making balloon rockets 

• Floating and sinking - which materials float/sink?

• Problem solving by realising what works and what does not work when experimenting

• Communicating through ICT

• Understanding how we stay safe online

Health and Wellbeing (PE and PSHE)

• We have been practising our ball skills - throwing, catching, rolling, bouncing

• Following the Body Coach's workouts and understanding how we can keep fit and healthy

• Discussing how we can be a good friend

• Discussing how we are all different

• How to live a healthy lifestyle

Home Learning

Your child will receive spellings weekly which we will then practice in class on a Friday.


A variety of activities for your child to complete at home were on the back of the Spring Newsletter. Please ask for another copy if you have misplaced it. Your child will receive extra Dojo points for completing it!


Reading with your child at home is extremely important to their development, even 5 minutes a day can make a difference! Please return your child's school reading book once they have read it a few times, we will then change it for a different book. 

P.E Days 

Year 1 will have P.E every Monday. Please ensure your child has a kit in school with them (shorts/joggers and a t-shirt).

Look what we have been up to this term!